We Provide Microlithography Services Made to Customer Specifications

Microlithography is the creation of microscopic patterns on glass, plastic, and aluminum substrates. Photo Solutions works with customer specifications to meet their needs with our precision microlithography services. Whatever the industry or application, we can customize our services to fit your goals. Contact us for more info or a quote.

Photo Solutions’ Capabilities

In general, microlithography involves optical and chemical etching lines similar to semiconductor wafer fabrication. This etching process requires the highest quality materials and machining in order to produce the optimal component. We pride ourselves on precision services down to the smallest detail—because we know those details matter. That’s why we’re able to accurately image features as small as 2um on glass and 10um on PET film. 

microlithography services

Microlithography Applications

Microlithography is a key component of the semiconductor fabrication process. It can be used in a wide range of applications including targets for automated vision systems, photonic devices, and custom patterned microscope slides. Photo Solutions’ microlithography services extend to patterns on glass, calibration standards, targets, and reticles. But we are happy to work with customers on needs outside of these main applications.

Our Microlithography Services Process

We keep our process simple and use only the highest quality materials and the latest practices. 

  1. Customer provides the drawings or files
  2. Our team reviews the drawings and provides a quote 
  3. We turnaround the finished project in about 2-3 weeks 
  4. We ship the material back to the customer

Trust Photo Solutions With Your Microlithography Services

Whatever your industry or application, Photo Solutions has many years and a wide variety of experience in precision on-off projects. We’re a custom shop at heart so we work closely with our customers on every detail. Get a quote on our microlithography services!

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