reflective glass disc

We provide hub and disc assemblies for a variety of industry applications.

At Photo Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a custom shop and we’re happy to produce hub and disc assemblies to exact customer specifications. Our precision Swiss screw machined hub bores are toleranced at +.0005”/-.0000 with the disc pattern concentricity to <.001” — which means unmatched precision for your component. In addition, we can bond to actuators, gears, flywheels, and other assemblies with protective, removable liners for easy installation to your product. Many options are available for reflective PET discs as well. Contact us for more info or a quote.

The Photo Solutions Difference

The team at Photo Solutions is well-versed in creating precision components for a variety of applications. We can supply custom hub-disc assemblies with pattern to bore concentricity <.05mm. We can also supply assemblies in custom packaging for pick and plastic robotic assembly. Whatever your exact specifications, our team will work to meet them. 

Types of applications

We primarily serve the motion control industry with these components, although we have clients who apply them in other industries as well. Specifically, our motion control clients (including OEM encoder companies) use these components for a range of optical encoder applications. However, we’re always looking for custom requests and can easily meet exact customer specifications—meaning endless potential industry applications.

hub and disc assemblies

Trust Photo Solutions with your hub and disc assembly projects.

Whatever your industry or application, Photo Solutions offers effective precision bonding of reflective and encoder discs to customer-design hubs. Get a quote for all your optoelectronic needs!

We have been working with Photo Solutions for well over a decade. Brad Curtis and the team at Photo Solutions have provided our Company with extremely high precision parts and unmatched quality. Their combination of experience, manufacturing expertise, and dedication to customer service is an invaluable resource. Bill Martin President MPS

Bill Martin
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