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Crafted, custom optoelectronic components, from encoder discs to reticles.

This is precision photonic engineering.

An Industry Leader for 30 Years

Since 1989, we have crafted and manufactured high-quality, custom optoelectronic components for our customers around the world. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, a lot has changed. We’ve moved into a new building, are expanding our product line, and are able to construct our products with cutting-edge technology. But a few core things about Photo Solutions have remained the same since the beginning: our attention to detail, our commitment to customers, and our precision products.

Custom Optoelectronic Products

Our products include encoder discs, scales, and masks along with precision reticles, targets, windows, and microlithographic imaging for a variety of applications. At our core, we’re a custom shop. We never shy away from a challenge. If your photonic engineering problem needs a custom solution, our team will work with you to design one. We’ll build to your exact specifications and turn it around in an efficient timeline.

Custom Optoelectronic Components

Superior Customer Service

At Photo Solutions, our clients—both national and international—make us who we are. They push us to create the work that we do. As such, when you partner with us, we have in-depth conversations every step of the way to make sure we’re manufacturing precisely what you need. From encoder discs to laser cutting, no project is too big or too small.

Precision Designed Photonic Engineering

We believe engineering and design go hand in hand. We provide design and CAD services to create microlithographic patterns down to 2 microns on glass and 10 microns on polyester. In addition to microlithographic imaging, we use CNC diamond machining, scribing, and high-speed diamond sawing to shape glass, quartz, and other substrates. In other words, we spare no detail.

PhotoSolutions is a very responsive company. They have great attention to detail, and wonderful product consistency. Whenever we need to create a new product they are there to support us with many years of experience and expertise. They have also helped us many times with improving our current products. They are our go-to glass disc supplier!
– Nick Peck, Engineering Team Leader,
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