precision laser cutting services

We Provide Precision Laser Cutting Services For a Variety of Applications

At Photo Solutions, we provide high tolerance laser machining of customer-provided material including PET (Mylar), Kapton, acrylic, and other plastics. We can accurately cut holes, slots, and outlines of parts to features using our vision recognition technology. In addition, we can laminate material with PSA and tabbed protective liners for “peel and stick” applications. Contact us for more info or a quote.

Our Capabilities

We use vision recognition laser equipment to micromachine high tolerance parts to imaged parts for accurate pattern-to-part outlines. PET (Mylar), polyimide, and other plastics can be cut from customer provided material. The advantages of such a system (and machining) include flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, and automation—all of which contribute to the highest quality precision laser cutting services that we’re able to offer our customers.

The Photo Solutions Difference

Laser cutting requires precise details and high quality machining. Our high tolerance machining has the ability to hold tight tolerance from panel outlines and cutouts to imaged features. We are also able to cut acrylic, PET (Mylar), and other plastics up to .250” thick, 600mm X 900mm maximum in size. It’s this range—from plastic cutting and engraving, control panels, and small precision plastic parts—that makes the Photo Solutions difference.
Laser Cutting Process

We keep our process simple and use only the highest quality materials and the latest practices. 

  1. Customer provides the drawings or files
  2. We review the drawings and provide a quote 
  3. Customer provides or we source the material  
  4. We turnaround the finished laser cutting project in about 2-3 weeks 
  5. We ship the material back to the customer
precision laser cutting materials

Trust Photo Solutions With Your Precision Laser Cutting Needs

Whatever your industry or application, Photo Solutions’ precision laser cutting is competitively priced and offered with a quick turnaround. Get a quote for your next project!

We have been working with Photo Solutions for well over a decade. Brad Curtis and the team at Photo Solutions have provided our Company with extremely high precision parts and unmatched quality. Their combination of experience, manufacturing expertise, and dedication to customer service is an invaluable resource. Bill Martin President MPS

Bill Martin
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