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We provide custom photonic components for aiming, targeting, or measuring.

Our custom photonic components include reticles, calibration targets, and medical devices but we’re always looking for new application requests. The Photo Solutions team uses customer-supplied drawings to create CAD data in order to image custom artwork on glass, Mylar, or aluminum substrates for a variety of applications. Contact us for more info or a quote.

Trust Photo Solutions with your custom photonic components.

Whatever custom component you need for your application, the Photo Solution team will work closely with you to create precision parts. Get a quote for your next custom photonic components.

Reticles, custom photonic components


Because reticles consist of fine patterns and lines built into the eyepiece of optical devices, their measurements need to be as precise as possible. We provide custom reticles for aiming, targeting, or measuring. Your drawing is used to create CAD data to image custom artwork on glass, Mylar, or aluminum substrates up to 2um resolution. 

calibration target, custom photonic components

Calibration Targets

Custom calibration targets allow for optimal accuracy across a variety of applications. The defined shape grid pattern that we manufacture onto the surface of our components varies by industry and specific application. The Photo Solutions team uses photolithography to create precise edge features for accurate calibration down to a 2um resolution. We can machine substrate to customer specifications on glass, quartz, and borosilicate.

medical device components, custom photonic components

Medical Devices

We have a long history of supplying ophthalmology components for eye examination instruments. Our team offers custom production of medical device components that require precision grooves, ridges, channels, holes, windows and other geometric patterns. Combined with micro-lithographic patterning, we offer a variety of techniques and solutions to construct microfluidic devices on quartz, soda lime, and borosilicate glass. As with our other services, we can create medical device components with customer-specified patterns. 

PhotoSolutions is a very responsive company. They have great attention to detail, and wonderful product consistency. Whenever we need to create a new product they are there to support us with many years of experience and expertise. They have also helped us many times with improving our current products. They are our go-to glass disc supplier!
– Nick Peck, Engineering Team Leader,
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