You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a provider for your optical component needs. Whether you opt for a large-scale producer or a local retailer, the products tend to be a “one size fits all’ solution. But, your modern designs require custom solutions. That’s why our team of experts is here to provide custom optical components to your unique project specs. 


What Sets Photo Solutions’ Optical Components Apart?

Our dedicated team of experts owns and operates our custom shop and are ready to help you level up your next project with custom encoder discs, scales, reticles, and more. 

With over 30 years of experience working alongside the brightest minds in aerospace, medical, and robotics engineering to create custom optical components, our team at Photo Solutions is the best choice to help you solve even the most intricate problems. 


We’re a Custom Optical Component Shop 

As a lean operation created with customization in mind, we built our facility to serve our customers. Other optical component options are limited to predetermined materials and specifications. We can customize our optical components to fit various needs. 

From cost-effective Mylar to weather-resistant aluminum and even soda-lime glass, we carry a variety of material options. This means we can create the perfect optical component for your precision projects. 

We work alongside our customers through every stage of production, from design through installation to ensure the highest caliber results. We’ll build to your exact specifications and turn it around in an efficient timeline.  


We Offer a Wide Range of Optical Components Across Many Industries

As specialists in photonics, we create a variety of optical components, from transmissive and reflective encoder discs and scales to specialized reticles, calibration targets, and even parts for medical devices. 

Our components have helped enable expert designers and engineers in various fields, including aerospace, robotics, motion control and automation machinery, and even metrology and the medical field. No matter what your needs are, our team is ready to help.


We Have a Dedicated, Experienced Team 

The Photo Solutions team comprises dedicated craftsmen who have decades of experience in the photonic engineering field. Like the products we design, each team member contributes to the whole.

We’re design-oriented, customer-focused, and dedicated to our craft. So you can rest assured knowing we take your projects seriously and will turn around the perfect optical components to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. 


Photo Solutions: Over 30 Years Producing High-end Optical Components

At Photo Solutions, precision lives at the heart of everything we do: from the quality of our products to the attention-to-detail we put into your designs and even the relationships we form with our customers. We create precise, reliable optical components with uncompromising quality. There’s no better team to entrust your next mission-critical project than Photo Solutions. Learn more and receive a free quote today.