Optical encoders are a crucial piece of equipment for engineers creating robotics or motion-control technology. This small but mighty piece of equipment ensures proper motion, alignment, and speed are achieved while using the equipment. Precision measurements are not possible for optical encoders without a crucial component—optical encoder discs. 

Optical encoder discs are versatile rotary encoder components that come in various materials and specifications. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for many encoder applications. 

About Photo Solutions’ Optical Encoder Discs: Materials and Configurations

Optical encoder discs fit one of two configurations: incremental or absolute. For simple motion information, incremental encoder discs are the cost-effective option. But for cases where position information is necessary, absolute encoder discs are required. At Photo Solutions, our encoder discs are made for both reflective and transmissive encoder models.

Encoder discs come in many different materials including glass, metal, plastic, and in some cases, paper. At Photo Solutions, we use aluminum, PET Mylar, or soda-lime glass to design and build our custom encoder discs. Each material type has its benefits and drawbacks, but the right material can make a massive difference in the overall weight, precision, durability, and cost of your encoder. 

Why Choose an Optical Encoder from Photo Solutions? 

Photo Solutions is the logical best optical encoder disc manufacturer for two reasons: superior quality and customization. 

Our encoder discs are manufactured using cutting-edge processes, including microlithographic imaging, machining, sawing, and high-speed diamond cutting. We spare no expense when it comes to the quality of our materials and our clients reap the benefits.

More importantly, we specialize in custom encoder disc designs. With over 30 years of experience, our experts know the field of photonic engineering like no one else. They work with clients through every stage of the process, from design to production, to ensure the best possible product. As a result, projects are completed to spec in a matter of weeks. 

Where our Optical Encoder Discs End Up 

Customers use our custom optical encoder discs across a wide range of industries

Some of our encoder discs help autonomous cars navigate the world around them. Others help people with disabilities gain more agency over their lives with the help of assistive devices like robotic arms. 

Our encoder discs help aircraft navigate the skies, and products navigate through warehouses. They can even be found in medical devices like X-ray machines and robotic surgery systems. 

Create Your Perfect Encoder Disc with the Team at Photo Solutions  

Optical encoder discs are complex, delicate, extraordinary components with widespread applications in our fast-paced, ever-changing technological age. So, when it comes time to decide on the right optical encoder disc for your next project, there’s no better place to find custom discs and scales than Photo Solutions. 

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