Optoelectronics engineering requires industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and technical know-how. At Photo Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing all three, plus our unmatched customer service. Read on to discover how this makes a difference for our products, services, and industry applications. 

Custom Optoelectronics Engineering to Move Industries Forward 

After over three decades in the photonics industry, we’ve successfully worked with national and international clients who use our components for cutting-edge applications. However, we also know that our clients, no matter the industry, are looking for accuracy and precision to solve their engineering problems. 

At Photo Solutions, we use the highest quality materials and equipment with unparalleled attention to detail for each product and service. In addition to crafting precision engineering, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong client relationships through the process and beyond. This focus on our clients, products, and team members set us apart from competitors. 

Products We Offer

Photo Solutions’ USA-made photonics products suit various industries and needs. Our custom components meet and exceed industry standards, from encoder discs for warehouse automation to reticles and scales for measuring microscopes. 

Encoder Discs

If you’re in industries like motion control, medical, or robotics, you’re familiar with encoder discs and their integral role in determining speed and position. At Photo Solutions, these components are one of our specialties, and we have decades of experience in a multitude of designs and form factors. Our capabilities include diameter fabrication from 5mm to 600mm, depending on the disc type and use. 

Our optoelectronics engineering of these encoder discs includes glass encoder discs, transmissive mode and reflective mode glass discs, mylar and reflective mylar discs, and reflective aluminum discs. In addition, given the varying industries we serve, we welcome unusual and custom design projects on special composite configurations. 

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Encoder Scales

As encoder scales are also integral in determining position for your engineering applications, we specialize in custom length components. Capabilities include lengths from 2mm to 800mm where we engineer custom tooling and production processes for your mission-critical designs. 

We manufacture glass scales, transmissive mode and reflective mode glass scales, mylar and reflective mylar encoder scales, and reflective aluminum encoder scales. Just like our encoder discs, we can manufacture special composite configurations made to customer order for easy and accurate installation.  

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Hub Disc & Assemblies 

You know the importance of precise hub and disc assemblies if your engineering needs include indexing machines, tooling fixtures, tube and cable, spooling systems, or industrial carts. Our specialized optoelectronics engineering uses precision Swiss screw machined hub bores toleranced at +.0005”/-.0000. This plus disc pattern concentricity to <.001” means unmatched precision. 

We primarily work with clients in the motion control industry with these components (including OEM encoder companies); however, with our custom orders, these components can be applied in endless potential industry applications. In addition, we can bond to actuators, gears, flywheels, and other assemblies with protective, removable liners for easy installation. Need custom packaging for pick and plastic robotic assembly? We can do that, too. 

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Custom Products 

Photo Solutions’ custom components are made for aiming, measuring, or targeting. For these custom projects, we use customer-supplied drawings to create CAD data and then image this artwork onto glass, mylar, or aluminum substrates. 

For our reticles, we image precise artwork on the chosen material up to 2um resolution onto the eyepiece of optical devices. Our calibration targets allow for accuracy across a variety of applications. For these components, we use photolithography to create precise edge features for accurate calibration down to a 2um resolution on glass, quartz, and borosilicate. We primarily supply ophthalmology components for eye examination instruments in terms of medical devices. Still, our team can produce custom projects with highly precise grooves, ridges, channels, holes, and other geometric patterns. 

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Additional Optoelectronics Engineering Services 

We believe optoelectronics engineering and design go hand in hand. That’s why we provide design and CAD services to create microlithographic patterns down to 2 microns on glass and 10 microns on polyester. From laser cutting to micromachining, our cutting-edge tech allows us to spare no detail.   

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting requires precise details and high-quality machining. Photo Solutions has invested in high-end vision recognition laser equipment that accurately cuts holes, slots, and outlines of parts on customer-provided material. Our high tolerance machining can cut acrylic, mylar, and other plastics up to .250” thick, 600mm X 900mm maximum in size. We can additionally laminate material with PSA and tabbed protective liners for “peel and stick” applications. 

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Diamond Dicing 

We work with customer specifications and customer-provided materials for high tolerance dicing and sawing services. Because microelectronics require precision, we obtain tolerances as tight as +/-5um while cutting slots and part outlines up to 180mm square. We can package finished parts into waffle trays, Gel-Pak containers, or tape with our pick-and-place equipment. 

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We know that microlithography is a key component of the semiconductor fabrication process and is used in many applications. For example, we work with clients to etch patterns on glass, calibration standards, targets, and reticles. During the etching process, we use the highest quality materials and machining and can accurately image features as small as 2um on glass and 10um on PET film. 

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In addition to our optoelectronics engineering, we offer high tolerance precision micromachining services for customer-provided materials. Using our vision recognition equipment, we can hold registration as tight as +/-5um for various industries. We also provide CNC diamond glass machining and aluminum micromachining to finished patterns depending on customer needs. 

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Applications We’re Inspired By 

Our team is constantly keeping up with the latest in optoelectronics engineering, industry trends, and unique applications to provide the high-quality products and services we do. Some of the applications we’re currently inspired by include: 

Robotic Surgery Advancements 

Photo Solutions works with some of the most advanced robotic companies in the industry. We know that highly precise and accurate components are critical for robotic surgery applications. Surgery tools like these are more dexterous and efficient with crafted photonic engineering. As we’ve watched this industry grow, it’s clear that the technology will continue to advance and become more precise down to the smallest component.  

Diagnostic Tools 

The medical industry is one of the largest that we serve. Many of our clients work with diagnostic tools that require precision positioning to keep patients safe and achieve accurate diagnoses. The University of Hong Kong is one such entity advancing this industry with their vivo vascular imaging at single-cell resolution. Imaging technology like this is just one important use of optical components in the medical industry. 

Drone Sensors 

Aerospace is a highly complex industry. Drone sensors’ use of precision optoelectronics engineering can achieve ultra-long-range visibility and positioning necessary. Furthermore, advancements like this new sensor use photonics to achieve detection up to one kilometer, which can have resounding positive implications across industries that use drones and sensing technologies.   

What Optoelectronics Engineering Can You Dream Up Next? 

Photo Solutions has spent the last three decades perfecting the art and science of optoelectronics engineering. No matter what industry you need photonics for, we can custom manufacture to your specifications.