In the fast-paced world of technology and consumer electronics, it is paramount to have solution-based hardware. Here at Photo Solutions, we engineer the world’s most cutting-edge and innovative glass discs for various applications and industries. Here are the two main types of glass encoder discs–specifically reflective and transmissive mode glass discs– we manufacture that you need to know.

Glass encoder discs

Our chrome on glass encoder discs offer the highest degree of accuracy due to the etched photo pattern’s extreme flatness and precision. We use CAD data to create the discs from your specifications. This generates a high-resolution glass master from which we print the parts. Everything we produce from transmissive to reflective discs is specially designed and optimized for a customized product.

Transmissive mode glass discs

We create transmissive mode glass discs for OEM and high-performance applications. Our standard disc configuration includes soda-lime glass with low reflective chrome, but we can adjust materials and optical density as needed. If you need discs for extreme performance (like sine wave applications) or higher temperatures, we use ultra-flat quartz or borosilicate glass. 

Reflective mode glass discs

For this encoder wheel product, our material configurations include high reflective and transparent patterns. Options include ultra-low reflective chrome on the back of the disc and gold coating for high-performance applications.

Our wide variety of optical discs and scales are implemented into various markets, from OEM encoder companies to CNC machining, semiconductor, and assembly industries. Our encoder discs and scales are optimizing the aerospace industry, robotics, and the medical sector. We strive to innovate our transmissive mode glass discs for faster, efficient, and accurate services for the dynamic tech field.

Trust Photo Solutions for Your Transmissive Mode Glass Discs and More 

From robotics to rockets, today’s science demands accuracy and precision. For photonic solutions for optoelectronic products, please contact us to learn more.