Encoder wheels are one of the necessary components used in mechanical and optical applications ranging from robotics to industrial control systems. On such a small scale, precision is paramount to the entire operation’s success. That’s where laser-cut encoder wheels come in. In this blog, we’re exploring the top benefits of these encoder wheels and why laser-cut is often a necessity for superior precision. 

How Precise Can Laser-Cut Encoder Wheels Get? 

The answer: very. Laser cutting technology has advanced greatly in recent years and with the combination of high quality and high tolerance machining, precision can be achieved down to the millimeter. At Photo Solutions, we use vision recognition laser equipment to micromachine high tolerance parts to imaged parts. Laser automated equipment is a highly customized solution to engineering problems, using HD cameras to achieve precision that the human eye cannot. 

Moreover, our machines create accurate pattern-to-part outlines for various materials, including PET (Mylar), polyimide and other plastics, and customer-provided materials. 

Top Benefits of Laser-Cutting

When it comes to technological advances in our industry, laser-cutting has been one of the most practical and wide-reaching. The advantages of such a system (and the types of machining we use) include precision, flexibility, speed, automation, and repeatability. All of these benefits contribute to the highest quality precision laser-cut encoder wheels we can offer customers. 

Let’s look further into the benefits. 

Accuracy and Precision

Precision is a necessity for optoelectronic components. And, no matter how we slice it, human error can impact precision. Laser-cut encoder wheels allow for accuracy that traditional cutting methods cannot achieve (up to .250” thick, 600mm X 900mm maximum in size for reference). For industries like aeroscience that require a tight tolerance, we can set our machines to the exact millimeter to meet customer specifications. In addition, we can change dimensions easily or cut out lines without waiting for traditional tooling. 

Efficiency and Speed 

By using our laser on customers’ encoder wheel specifications, the accuracy we achieve also leads to less material waste. And materials used more efficiently leads to a lower overall cost and speedier production. In fact, we can often turn around customer orders within two to three weeks as compared to the six to eight weeks die cut tooling takes. 

Repetition and Damage Control  

Despite the increased speed achieved with laser-cut encoder wheels, there is also less overall damage to materials. Generally, the speed achieved with high tolerance machining means less warping and distortion, so products are as close to perfect as possible. Laser machines also allow us to repeat the process for large orders and future customer specifications, so each component we produce and ship out meets the highest standards. 

Trust Photo Solutions For Your Precision Laser-Cut Encoder Wheels 

At Photo Solutions, we take your optoelectronic needs seriously. We’re able to cut a variety of encoder wheel materials with unmatched precision with our high tolerance laser machining. Reach out to our team with your specifications for laser-cut encoder wheels, and we’ll work with you to find a perfect solution.