Innovation is the driving force in the scientific community. But behind every life-changing scientific discovery is the piece of equipment that helped uncover the secret. Take the driverless car: this revolutionary advancement would not have been possible if it wasn’t for advancements in metrology, lidar mapping, and the machinery needed for production. As you trace the line of innovation back, you’ll see that behind every industry shift, there lies cleverly designed components like our reflective scales, which are tailored to push the bounds of what’s possible. 

The Electron Microscope: Industry Breakthroughs Rely on Innovative Components 

Scientists are often limited by technology. They theorize solutions, but they are stuck in the clouds without the equipment needed to measure or prove their theories. 

Fortunately, technology is already catching up, thanks to design innovations and advanced components. Take, for instance, the electron microscope. With this piece of equipment, scientists can see things as small as single atoms. But when you deal with particles that small, even minor shifts can make it easy to lose focus and potentially damage samples. Luckily, with the help of reflective encoder scales, scientists can control the view of an atom with more precision than ever. 

These small reflective scales can track changes in motion and position with incredible accuracy by bouncing pulses of light off a reflective surface and counting the returning light beams as the sensor moves across the reflective surface. This feedback loop helps scientists make incredibly accurate movements and navigate the microscopic world with ease and accuracy. Not only that, but these systems also help scientists avoid damaging precious samples.

As encoder scales become more detailed and technology continues to improve, there’s no telling how these new advancements will help the scientific community and beyond. 

Discover What’s Possible with Photo Solutions

At Photo Solutions, we’re committed to helping our clients pursue growth and innovation in their fields. Our reflective scales, encoder discs, and reticles are found across various fields, including metrology, medical, robotics, automation, and more.  

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