It’s a component so small that you might miss it in the grand scheme of things: the reflective scale. However, this small photonic component can have a big impact on engineering problems. Photo Solutions has crafted reflective scale options for the last 30 years and counting.  


Photo Solutions reflective scale options 

As a custom shop, we work with our clients to produce components specified to their needs. This is true of both reflective and transmissive products for various applications and sensors. We make special composite configurations to order, which enables easy and accurate installation at your facility. Photo Solutions’ reflective scale options include: 


Reflective mode glass scales: Material configurations for these scales include high reflective/transparent patterns or high reflective patterns with ultra-low reflective chrome deposited on the backside of the scale. The latter helps eliminate unwanted reflections from mounting surfaces such as aluminum. Our high reflective chrome (HRC) coating is available with more than 60 percent reflectivity. In addition, we offer gold coating for high-performance applications. 


Reflective mylar encoder scales: The PET composite codestrips come with pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy mounting to your device. We provide these peel-and-stick discs and scales with protective liners and laser cut registration features (as needed) for easy installation. 


Reflective aluminum encoder scales: Another reflective scale option, these scales are best for high-temperature applications. The aluminum scales can withstand extreme conditions in lengths up to 300mm. 


Case study: Portable medical devices 

Portable medical devices have “critical” weight specifications. Lightweight reflective encoders allow for accurate position tracking for these life-saving devices. Often, a reflective scale is used to “drive a series of mechanical systems” or aid in the device’s motion tracking. In the case of optical reflective encoders, they also “consume less power [and] prolong battery life” — making these devices more efficient. 


Case study: Mini robots

Sophisticated mini robots like drones and pan-tilt-zoom cameras need highly efficient motion control systems. Reflective scales help drive these systems with precision. In addition, these components provide motion information feedback that’s vital to the robots’ accuracy.


Tiny reflective scale, big solutions 

When you need big engineering solutions, sometimes you have to start small. A reflective scale is a tiny component that facilitates precise engineering solutions. At Photo Solutions, we can craft customized reflective components for all your needs. Get in touch to get started.