Ever since the industrial revolution, automation has played an essential role in our everyday lives. But new challenges like the miniaturization of motion-control technology (portable printers, handheld medical devices, and more) have pushed engineers to invest in lightweight, cost-effective encoder solutions. Reflective encoder scales are the best solution to meet these needs. 

The Benefits of Reflective Scale Technology

A decrease in the overall encoder size is the main benefit of opting for a reflective encoder scale. The innovative design takes up a fraction of the space typically needed for a transmissive model while still delivering the accuracy promised by optical encoders.

Not only does the design cut down on size, but it also cuts down on the overall weight, making complex handheld technology achievable. Reflective scales also use less electricity, making them ideal for handheld, battery-operated devices

And, with continued innovations in reflective encoder technology, reductions in cost and power make reflective options available for smaller budget projects. 

Reflective Encoder Scales in Action 

Reflective encoder scales are used in various linear encoder applications because of their ideal weight, size, and reliability. 

Printers and cameras, including imaging machines in the medical field, utilize encoder scales to help ensure accurate placement and position while taking photos or printing images. 

For automation technology used in manufacturing and shipping facilities, reflective encoder scales are ideal because, unlike magnetic encoders, the reliability of the reflective scales isn’t affected by magnetic feedback. Reflective scales are also used in many different handheld measurement tools. These applications span military, surveying, and even metrology.

Custom Reflective Encoder Scales Rise Above the Rest

At Photo Solutions, we work with designers and engineers in various fields to create encoder scales that meet the growing need for unique, innovative solutions. Our scales rise above the rest because they are custom-made

Other manufacturers carry off-the-shelf options, which inevitably come with limitations around materials and specifications. But at Photo Solutions, we work with a variety of materials. We can also customize for the optimal length, resolution, and thickness to meet your project’s unique specifications. 

We offer reflective encoder scales options in soda-lime glass, mylar, and aluminum. Special composite configurations for your projects can be made to custom order, and pressure-sensitive adhesive is also available to ensure easy mounting and installation.  

Our team of experts make all our custom encoder components right here in the USA. All our designs are also compliant with RoHS and REACH standards.

Opt for a Custom Reflective Encoder Scale from Photo Solutions 

When it comes to precision motion control in compact and lightweight applications, nothing beats the capabilities of reflective encoder scale technology. Here at Photo Solutions, we’re proud to provide custom optoelectronic solutions to some of engineering’s most pressing challenges. 

Trust the team with over 30 years of custom disc and scale design experience for all your reflective encoder needs. You can learn more about our reflective encoder discs and scales at photo-solutions.com