With its introduction in the 1950s by Joseph Engleberger, the field of robotics changed the course of human history forever. Over the next 70 years, dangerous and time-consuming tasks were offloaded to sophisticated machines, giving humans more time to focus on complex innovation. At first, exploring the field of robotics was limited to those in academia. But today, precision robotics are a necessary part of modern automation, and as a result, the field is rapidly expanding.

At Photo Solutions, we work with top robotics manufacturers to support their precision designs with custom encoder components. 

The Importance of Robotic Components 

Modern robots are made up of hundreds or even thousands of components. There are sensors, CPUs, actuators, a power supply, and end effectors—not to mention the exterior design that holds all these components together. Each of these components is a unique system of its own, made up of even smaller parts. 

Together, component parts work in a symphony of interconnectivity. This system is designed so that all the parts rely on one another to perform actions safely and accurately. If even one small instrument is out of tune, it throws off the whole symphony

Feedback systems and sensors are vital to this internal communication. These components help provide essential data to the CPU that ensures each piece of the puzzle is working correctly. And as any robotics engineer knows, one of the more critical feedback mechanisms for robots is the encoder because they determine the two most important factors of any industrial robot: precision and accuracy.

For Precision and Accuracy, You Need The Best Encoder Components

Precision and accuracy are the two big players in robotics. Without these traits, robots tend to create more problems than solutions. The key to unlocking precision robotics with high accuracy is to have the proper encoder components. The more accurate your encoder is at measuring motion and position, the better equipped your robot will be to make the fluid, accurate motions needed to complete tasks. 

While off-the-shelf encoders are convenient and often inexpensive, they come with limitations that affect the accuracy and precision of your robot. Unfortunately, that means you run up against constraints that limit your ability to innovate. So, if you’re trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible, you need a more tailored component. 

For the Best Custom Encoder Components, Trust Photo Solutions

At Photo Solutions, we’re here to help you bring your robot to life with custom encoder components. Our optical encoder discs and scales can be custom-made to fit your specific needs. With material options ranging from glass to aluminum and even mylar, you can create a disc fit for your unique conditions. 

So whether you’re building a tough robot fit to withstand outdoor conditions or a precise automation tool that requires pinpoint accuracy, we’re here to make it happen. 

Learn more about our discs and scales today.