Our interconnected global economy relies heavily on automation and precision motion technology like mylar encoder discs to continue thriving. From the production warehouses to the shipping facilities, motion control technology keeps the flow of goods steady. It also helps aid in the growing need for increased production. 

But automation doesn’t just affect our goods and services—it affects our day-to-day lives as well. Precision motion technology is helping people live happier, healthier lives by increasing accessibility for those living with disabilities. Not to mention that it aids in the detection and treatment of diseases in hospitals. 

All of this technology relies on one small but crucial piece of equipment: the encoder disc. These discs come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Still, Mylar encoder discs are essential components with many benefits that help aid in motion control and automation for various industries. 


What are Mylar Encoder Discs? 

Mylar encoder discs are cost-effective, reliable tools used for measuring feedback in motion control technology. Available as absolute or incremental options with transmissive or reflective models, mylar encoder discs are an essential part of many high-precision motion technologies, including robotics, metrology, and the medical industry. 


The Benefits of Mylar Encoder Discs

We craft encoder discs from various materials, but Mylar in particular has many benefits. 

Mylar is a polyester film material that’s very strong and stable. Unlike glass options, Mylar can withstand high levels of shock without distorting and has a low mass, making it ideal for projects requiring lightweight mechanisms. The material is also transparent, which allows it to be used to make transmissive encoder discs. Most importantly, Mylar is a cost-effective option that doesn’t have the complex installation process that other encoders made from glass or aluminum sometimes have.  

The manufacturing of mylar encoder discs is quick and efficient. By using a laser cutting or die punch to create precise cutouts that align with the photo pattern of your device, we can turn around projects in under two weeks. This makes Mylar encoders a great option for high-demand projects. Our reflective discs also have peel and stick options that make installation easy. 


Mylar Disc Applications 

At Photo Solutions, we recommend Mylar encoder discs to many of our clients. Mylar encoders can be used for anything from motion control and automation tools—like this one used to streamline production—and even in metrology technology to increase the accuracy of measurements and automate some measurement processes.

Mylar encoder discs are also used in the medical field to ensure accurate measurements and photographs for imaging technology and create accurate medical robotics. The applications are endless for these reliable, cost-effective discs. 


Photo Solutions’ Mylar Encoder Discs Made to Your Specifications

At Photo Solutions, we have a trusted team of experts who have dedicated their lives to helping engineers and designers create the perfect photonic technology for their projects. With the ability to craft custom mylar encoder discs, our team can help you bring your designs to life. 

Find out more about our encoder disc options, and connect with our team to determine if a Mylar encoder disc is the right choice for your project.