Our industry is constantly evolving. Since starting in 1989, we’ve seen incredible advances in motion control, automation, robotics, and medical products. As each of these industries has advanced, so have our reflective encoders and other photonic products. And Broadcom Inc. has become a valued partner in this evolution. 


Our long-standing partnership with Broadcom Inc. 

Broadcom Inc. (formerly Avago Technologies) is a “global infrastructure technology leader” that’s been producing high-quality semiconductor and software solutions for over 50 years. Our partnership with them began fourteen years ago when we started supplying glass code discs to their operation in Penang, Malaysia. 

Since then, Broadcom connected us with their North American field engineering team. They now refer their customers to Photo Solutions for specific products such as the AEDR and HEDS code wheels and code strips. Broadcom and Photo Solutions separately produce dozens of photonics products. But we specifically share custom reflective code wheels and code strips with their clients.  

This client-sharing allows our companies to serve our customers better and provide more complete photonic solutions across the globe. 


What’s in store for our future work with Broadcom?

In the next couple of months, Broadcom will introduce new products that Photo Solutions will include in our partnership. As part of our continuing commitment to service, Photo Solutions provides sample cards through Digikey for those who require them. As Broadcom begins to roll out its new products, we will be creating new sample cards for them that customers can expect to see in the coming months. 


Working together to supply reflective encoders and beyond 

Without a doubt, we are a stronger company because of our long-standing partnerships, like the one with Broadcom, Inc. We’ve remained committed to this partnership from the beginning with glass code discs and reflective encoders to code wheel technology and future products. At the end of the day, working together helps us grow and evolve as the industry does.