Laser cutting is an incredible tool in any engineer’s tool chest. For optoelectronics, specialized laser cutting, like laser ablation, results in customized components that are budget-friendly and highly precise. Today we’re taking a detailed look at Photo Solutions’ new laser capabilities, made possible by cutting-edge vision recognition technology. 

Why Choose Laser Ablation 

Laser ablation is arguably the most complex of the laser services you could apply to your optoelectronic component. However, it’s also one of the most precise ways to achieve pattern-to-part outlines, slots, and holes. 

As a type of laser cutting, laser ablation (unlike nano-perforation and laser filamentation) involves removing material. This process uses continuous, high-power laser pulses for localized and intense heating to achieve the desired pattern. Although we provide this service across industries, our aerospace, automotive, and medical clients use this service the most. 

Regardless of industry or application, laser ablation services are an excellent choice for precision markings on optical components. Emitting a high-energy beam onto the surface removes material without charring and can be done in an open atmosphere. With the right machinery (see next section), this service is repeatable, cost-effective, and highly customizable. 

About Our Vision Recognition Technology  

Late last year, Photo Solution invested in new state-of-the-art laser technology, which allows us to perform a wide range of laser services for our global customers. Our vision recognition equipment features computer-driven control throughout the process, resulting in more accurate cuts. With this automation, we compensate for rotation and distortion to achieve a faster, more precise, and more repeatable service than manual cutting. 

Highly localized energy use equals smaller heat-affected zones, and laser ablation can cut accurate holes as small as .5mm. Because clients utilizing these services seek flawless products, this machinery can also perform non-gap cuts using filamentation laser processing for homogeneous cut edges and increased mechanical strength.  

This equipment allows us greater accuracy and optimal efficiency without the cost or lead time of hard tooling. 

Explore Our Suite of Laser-Cutting Services 

Our services can be applied to your most complex applications. The suite of services detailed below, administered with our innovative machinery, can:

  • Cut thicknesses from .5mm to 6mm
  • Cut substrates up to 17” x 25” 
  • Achieve an accuracy to 5um 
  • Produce edge chips less than 50um
  • Achieve a surface roughness with a radius of 1um 
  • Produce stepped and blind holes
  • Cut holes as small as .5mm in diameter
  • Cut trenches for devices such as microfluidics
  • Achieve highly accurate cuts without material removal
  • Cut parts as small as 2mm in diameter


Our laser equipment’s (laser filamentation) function allows us to cut material to exact customer specifications based on provided patterns. This process cuts by localized perforation instead of ablation. This provides chip-free, highly accurate parts with straight walls without material removal.


As specified above, laser ablation involves high-powered pulses to achieve patterns and cuts. Our green fiber laser doubles the vaporization frequency to achieve unparalleled Accuracy for features such as blind holes, trenches, and steps.

Contact Us For a Quote on Laser Ablation Services and More 

Our team proudly offers this fully updated suite of laser services for our clients across industries. As a custom shop, we welcome challenging and unique customer-supplied patterns and applications. After over 30 years in the industry, we remain focused on fabrication precision photonic engineering.