Encoder discs and scales are essential components used in practically every piece of robotics or motion machinery. Complex and expensive encoder discs are usually needed for machines that execute intricate tasks. But for simple use-cases at scale, balancing complexity with cost is essential. That’s why at Photo Solutions, we can manufacture Mylar encoder discs and scales to support our customer’s low-cost applications.

About Our Mylar Encoder Discs and Scales

With its high tensile strength, moisture and chemical resistance, and the ability to withstand minor temperature variations, Mylar PET is an excellent choice for prototypes or low-cost encoder disc applications at scale. However, we suggest opting for a more sturdy disc or scale where environmental disturbances are common (humidity, large temperature flux, etc.).

At Photo Solutions, we manufacture Mylar encoder discs and scales with a .18 mm thick base. Our die punch equipment or laser cutting systems cut the ID/OD within .025mm of the pattern. 

Proper installation is one of the major concerns for our clients, as even small misalignments can cause significant errors. That’s why we offer laser-cut registration holes and cutouts, along with a peel-off protective liner to aid in alignment and installation. We can also offer bonding to acrylic substrates to help improve the strength and thickness of the disc or scale. 

Ideal Applications for Mylar Encoder Discs and Scales

As mentioned earlier, Mylar encoder discs and scales are ideal for low-cost applications or prototypes. That makes them a popular choice for use in manufacturing assembly lines. 

Because of the relatively steady environmental conditions in a factory setting, warping and discoloration concerns are low. Likewise, factories usually require large quantities of encoders, so a cost-effective disc is necessary.

Find Your Perfect Encoder Disc at Photo Solutions

Choosing the right encoder disc for your project makes a big difference. So when the time comes, you can trust our team of experts to help you choose the best material and disc type. With over 30 years in the industry, we’re confident we can complete your project in-spec and on time with zero hassle. 

Learn more about our Mylar encoder discs and scales now.