When deciding on the encoder components for your mission-critical project, there are a lot of considerations to balance. Of course, your encoder needs to be reliable and produce consistent results. But it may also need to withstand harsh environmental factors. So, when choosing the right encoder components for your project, it’s essential you choose the suitable material. Aluminum encoder discs are a resilient option that can withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions. 

How Aluminum Discs Stack Up Against The Competition

Glass encoder discs have the highest signal performance and are often the gold standard for encoder discs. However, they are costly to manufacture and produce. Also, they are fragile, which makes them susceptible to environmental factors like dirt, debris, and excess motion feedback. 

Mylar discs sit at the other end of the spectrum. These discs are the most cost-effective option, but they don’t produce the highest resolution. That means reliability decreases, which can render them effective in high-precision applications. Mylar also fails when it comes to withstanding high temperatures. 

Aluminum encoder discs sit at the crossroads of reliability and cost-effectiveness. With slightly lower resolution than glass but better environmental stability than Mylar or glass, aluminum encoder discs are a great, balanced choice.

Aluminum is an incredibly durable, lightweight material. It stays stable in high heat environments and is also resistant to corrosion. That means you can count on aluminum encoder discs for all your high-stakes, environmentally-taxing projects.  

Aluminum Encoder Disc Applications 

Because of its durability, aluminum is used in various harsh conditions. For example, aluminum encoder discs in military applications are often used in weapons technology and motion control robotics exposed to harsh environments like high heat, blowing debris, or excess shaking from movement.  

The aerospace and metrology industries will often enlist aluminum encoders for their technology for the same reasons, as their projects are often exposed to rain, wind, and debris. 

Aluminum encoder discs can also be found in warehouses and factories where high heat is used. The applications are endless. 

Design Your Next Project with a Custom Aluminum Encoder Disc from Photo Solutions 

Your projects are essential, and the components that make up your designs need to be manufactured with care. At Photo Solutions, we’ve been designing and manufacturing custom encoder components with unmatched attention to detail. So, if you’re looking to build something reliable, durable, and cost-effective, opt for an aluminum encoder disc from Photo Solutions. 

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