Photo Solutions is one of the leading providers of specialized reflective encoder disc technology in the world. Our company is dedicated to revolutionizing precision measurement techniques with our encoder disc fabrication solutions. Encoder discs are critical in the automation, medical technology, aerospace, and robotics industries. Our passion is in the reliability and accuracy of the solutions we manufacture. 

We employ advanced optical manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest precision and consistency in every disc we produce. With tight tolerances and excellent surface quality, our encoder discs provide exceptional signal resolution and signal-to-noise ratios, allowing precise position feedback and control.

The Difference Is Our Coating Technology

What sets our reflective encoder discs apart is their unique reflective properties. We utilize a coating technology that increases reflectivity across the entire surface of the disc. This ensures consistent and reliable signal detection, even in challenging environments with changeable lighting conditions. Whether you require high-reflective or low-reflective applications, our reflective encoder discs maintain superior performance, providing accurate position feedback to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your systems.

Low-Reflective Chrome vs. High-Reflective Chrome Coatings

Low-reflective chrome coating helps to minimize the reflected light by the encoder disc surface. This is particularly desirable for transmissive moder encoder sensors, reducing glare or reflections from the sensor light source and internal components.

High-reflective chrome, on the other hand, does the opposite. Increasing reflectivity for this type of encoder disc improves the contrast between encoding patterns and the background, making it easier for reflective mode sensors to detect and differentiate the patterns accurately. 

Photo Solutions’ Reflective Options 

Depending on the specific requirements of your reflective encoder disc application, a range of materials is available with Photo Solutions. They include:

Reflective mode glass discs

The materials used for our reflective mode glass discs include soda-lime glass, borosilicate, and quartz options. In addition, we offer pattern metalization in high and low reflective coating, chrome, gold, and aluminum. These high-performance encoder discs offer a maximum OD of 300mm and thickness ranging from .3mm-6.3mm.

Reflective Mylar discs

Reflective Mylar discs are a great low-cost alternative to other discs. We make these using photographic film and composite PET, and they are easy to install thanks to acrylic and PSA backing strips. The maximum OD for reflective mylar is 600mm, and thickness ranges from .18mm transmissive to .3mm reflective. 

Reflective aluminum discs

Lastly, reflective aluminum discs are ideal for extreme conditions and transmissive environments. These are made from 1100 aluminum alloy and offer Maximum OD of 250mm and .5mm thickness. 

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