Photonic engineering requires precision products––which we’ve specialized in for the last 30 years. Microlithography is just one service we offer to our customers around the globe. And with cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and our commitment to customers, you can expect a high-quality optoelectronic product to suit your specifications.  


Microlithography explained

Microlithography’s roots come from lithos meaning stones and graphia meaning to write. In other words, “writing on stones.” But lasers, optics, and chemical etch processes do the ‘writing.’ The ‘stones’ represent precision polished glass, quartz, and other materials such as Mylar or aluminum. In general, microlithography involves optical, physical, and chemical processes performed on a semiconductor. Depending on the type of lithography––thin film photoresist etching or silver halide lithography for example––the exact manufacturing may vary. The results are microscopic patterns measured in microns.


Industry applications 

Microlithography is a key component of the semiconductor fabrication process. These semiconductor devices are often “present in everyday electrical and electronic devices.” So precision is necessary. But since we’ve been in business, we’ve offered microlithographic imaging for a variety of applications beyond electronics. That’s why our services extend to patterns on glass, such as calibration standards, targets, and reticles. 


Custom solutions for your engineering problems 

At our heart, Photo Solutions is a custom shop. Because, more often than not, photonic engineering requires custom solutions, measurements, and services. As such, we make our microlithography services to customer specifications. In fact, we can accurately image features as small as 2um on glass and 10um on PET film. Given the varied custom applications, our microlithography services go far beyond ‘writing on stones.’ 


30 years and going strong 

Over the last 30 years, we’ve experienced a lot of change: different suppliers, an expanding customer base, and, most recently, a brand new facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. Through it all, we’ve remained dedicated to providing high-quality and custom services like microlithography. Get your free quote today and let us get started on your custom project.