In our field, every detail counts. And when you rely on an optoelectronic component to accurately make your product work, you need precision cutting. Our laser cutting service at Photo Solutions gives customers advantages like precision, repeatability, and quality to apply to their next project.  


Photo Solutions laser cutting service explained 

We provide high tolerance laser machining of customer-provided materials, including mylar, Kapton, acrylic, and other plastics. For the greatest accuracy, we specify the shapes and tolerances in CAD. Whether your product needs holes, slots, or outlines of parts, we use our vision recognition technology to cut to your exact specifications. We can also laminate the material with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and tabbed protective liners that provide “peel and stick” applications. 


Advantages of laser cutting

Laser cutting can take a product like an encoder disc or scale and customize it to even more precise measurements and details. The primary advantages include: 



Precision is a big focus of ours at Photo Solutions (it’s in the tagline, after all). Laser cutting is just another way that we can provide precision to our customers. The small, powerful laser used in our laser cutting service uses a focused beam of light to execute extreme precision on the chosen material. In industries where tolerances are tight, like aerospace, laser cutting can achieve the perfect cut. 


Repeatability and Flexibility

We set the tolerances with our laser and can repeat the same cut over and over again as needed. This repeatability is more precise than other cutting methods, allowing it to cut complex geometrics with ease. And it’s also quicker than other cutting methods. Part of what makes this service faster is the flexibility of not requiring an exchange of tools for each cut. 


Less waste 

We try to produce as little waste as possible. Our laser cutting service allows us to do this because the targeted laser can “utilize a very high percentage of your sheet material.” Nesting cuts, as it’s called, means you spend less money overall, and we can complete your project in less time. 



Lastly, and maybe most importantly, fast production does not mean that we sacrifice quality. Our vision recognition technology means that you can expect high-quality cuts every time, no matter the material. 


Applying our laser cutting service to your next project

When your project requires exact manufacturing and tight tolerances, our laser cutting service can take your product to the next level. With fast turnarounds and repeatable, accurate cuts, we can produce to scale no matter the industry. Let’s get started!