What do sanitizing robots, transit train motors, and escalators have in common? They’re all products that utilize motion control and its related components. Motion control is something that impacts our daily lives, maybe without realizing it. And photonic components like encoder discs play a big role. Here are three innovative motion control products that we’re excited about.


The motion control market 

As a subset of automation, it’s no wonder the motion control market is also growing exponentially. Recent statistics project the global motion control market will grow from $14.9 billion in 2020 to $16.5 billion in 2025. In part, this is due to COVID-19. With the rise of automation in the workplace, increased need in the medical field, and innovative robots (like this sanitizing one), motion control is in more demand than ever. And due to heightened safety rules, there’s “increasing demand for industrial robots in manufacturing processes.” 

The higher demand for motion control products leads to a higher demand for the photonics products that make them work. Over the last few decades, Photo Solutions has seen this market grow and improve with innovative products. And we’ve been there to supply the encoder products necessary. 


Products we’re excited about 

In a growing industry like this, applications are endless. These are three products we’re excited about: 


Navtech Radar

One of our customers, Navtech Radar, is no stranger to ingenious motion control products. Their work in security surveillance (the AdvanceGuard), industrial automation, and traffic safety (ClearWay) is used by clients across industry sectors and helps keep systems and people safe.


Nodo Film Systems 

Nodo Film Systems’ Inertia Wheels product takes motion control to the next level. The product makes communication between operator and camera smooth and intuitive. Not to mention that the Inertia Wheels’ use of ultra-high resolution encoders gives them “>70,000 steps of resolution per rotation.”

nodo motion control products example


The innovative Hydrow machine is one of our newest projects and is a “completely re-engineered rowing machine.” The workout equipment uses motion control and computer-controlled technology to seamlessly mimic rowing on water. 


Motion control industry and Photo Solutions

The motion control and automation industries are some of the biggest we supply at Photo Solutions. Related products include: 

Encoder discs: We offer precision manufacturing in various encoder materials, including glass, quartz, film, and aluminum. In addition, we offer customizations as needed. 

Encoder scales:  We can fabricate encoder scales in lengths from 2mm to 800mm and have engineered custom tooling and production processes for mission-critical designs.

Hub and disc assemblies:  We can bond to actuators, gears, flywheels, and other assemblies with protective removable liners for easy installation to your product.

In addition, we partner with Broadcom and their motion control encoders to supply a wider industry with timely, automated applications.  


Ready to start your next project? 

If you’re in the motion control industry, you know that the need for motion control and automation isn’t going away anytime soon. Photo Solutions has supplied quality encoder products for these and other industries for three decades. Whatever your next innovation, we’re here to help.