Not much can be left up to chance if you’re in the business of automation, medical, robotics, aerospace, or metrology. And “one size fits all” is probably not in your vocabulary, either. When it comes to encoder disc functions for bespoke applications, you likely have specific goals and measurements in mind — ones that can make or break an operation. Lucky for you, Photo Solutions has made custom optoelectronic components our specialty for more than three decades. 

Encoder Disc Functions: The Basics 

The way an encoder disc functions is critical to the application in which it’s applied. For example, incremental encoders can track shaft motion for analysis or system controls. And encoder discs can monitor rotational direction. In some cases, they can also track speed and shaft location. 

When manufacturing encoder discs, we cut slots in the material or print alternating dark and light areas. Depending on the material used, the strips and patterns can vary. However, their ultimate function is to detect both the speed and direction that an encoder disk or strip is moving and return position information to a circuit.

Bespoke Applications We’ve Had a Hand In 

When talking about bespoke applications, we mean components created to customers’ specifications. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients over the years and are always impressed by their industry applications of our encoder discs. Some of our favorite bespoke applications include: 

LIDAR Technology  

By far, LIDAR is one of the more prominent applications our clients use with our encoder discs. Velodyne Lidar is one such company that provides lidar solutions for autonomous vehicles, mapping, navigation, and robotics. With our precision technology and experience, we can provide clients like Velodyne with accurate, low-cost solutions.  

In-Vitro Diagnostic Tools

Also known as lab testing, in-vitro diagnostic tools implement encoder discs to measure changes in position and motion. This feedback system helps cut back on inaccurate test results and keeps equipment running continuously. 

Robot-Assisted Medical Devices

Robotic system company Intuitive has been “pairing human ingenuity with technology” since 1995. As a Photo Solutions client, they use encoder disc functions for the accuracy of their tools like the Da Vinci System — a robotic-assisted surgery tool. Given the delicate nature of their field, their components needed are highly bespoke and precise. 

Assembly Equipment

Motor controls, conveyor belts, and robot arms are necessary components in assembly equipment. An encoder disc in this application functions by detecting various weights and sizes of objects to keep systems running smoothly. 

Ophthalmology Advances

Zeiss is a medical industry client with a focus on ophthalmologic technology. Their products, like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), use optical components for accuracy and surgical precision. 

Robotic Disability Tools  

Kinova Robotics is a longstanding Photo Solutions client making real advances for those living with disabilities. Their ultra-lightweight robotic arms use encoder products to assist those without upper limb mobility. As with other encoder disc functions, exact customer specifications make a world of difference. 

So, What Encoder Disc Functions Can You Dream Up? 

As you can tell from the above-listed client applications, clients use our encoder discs to make some seriously impressive industry advances. We like to tell potential clients that we’re a custom shop at heart. In other words, we’re dedicated to designing the perfect encoder disc for your industry, projects, and goals. Get in touch!