At the convergence of electronics and optics, optoelectronics are often complex components. With our three decades of experience crafting custom components, we work with big and small clients across industries. Whatever your engineering problem, we have custom optoelectronics solutions. 


Photo Solutions’ custom capabilities

No matter what industry application you need optical components for, attention to detail is necessary. At Photo Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a custom shop. We work with clients to create unique solutions to their engineering needs. Optoelectronic components have various industry applications. The most common include metrology and motion control. Our team will build optoelectronics to your specifications. In addition, we’ll turn it around in an efficient timeline. 


Optoelectronics for metrology applications 

One of the markets we frequently produce products for is metrology. Industrial metrology is the precise and scientific measurement of light or distance in the manufacturing process. Optical products like encoder discs help to make these measurements more accurate and to automate the process. For instance, the following products use custom optoelectronic devices:


Reticles: These optical components are located at an image plane. Reticles contain a pattern “that assists in pointing an instrument or measuring target characteristics.” Patterns vary from simple to complex with different substrates like glass or quartz. In metrology, as with most industries, precision is necessary. This is why a custom optical component for reticles is often necessary. Both for replication and consistency.  

Targets & Calibration Standards: These two elements in industrial metrology work hand-in-hand. When used for industrial metrology applications, targets and calibration standards need to be accurate and specific. Options like calibration target micro and particle standard targets use a variety of materials like chrome on glass. However, one commonality across all targets and calibration standards is the need for precision measuring. 


Optoelectronics for motion control applications

Another common industry we create optical components for is motion control. The motion control market is projected to keep growing in the next seven years, with new technology leading to industry advancements. Our encoder disc products help these systems be more efficient, precise, and controlled. 


CNC Machining Systems: CNC machining uses pre-programmed software to control the movement of complex machinery. Custom optical encoder discs and scales can ensure this precision and that the desired cuts are programmed into the software.  

Factory Automation: Systems like robots that automate factory and warehouse work require custom optical components to work efficiently. You can then replicate these custom components to scale for your motion control needs. 


Get started on your project 

With optoelectronic needs increasing worldwide, Photo Solutions can scale up as needed––no matter the industry. If you need a precise, efficient, and replicable solution, our custom optoelectronics products can help. Get in touch to start your project with our team of experts.