At Photo Solutions, we’re known for working with clients across a wide range of industries to design and manufacture custom encoder discs and scales. But our precision equipment and skilled craftsmanship conveniently lend themselves to various similar production processes like custom microlithography. So, alongside our world-class custom encoder components, we work with clients to produce a variety of custom etchings and patterns for masks, reticles, and other applications. 

Custom Services We Offer at Photo Solutions

If you’re in the market for custom encoder discs, you may also be looking for other custom components for your project. So why not work with one supplier to meet all your needs? At Photo Solutions, our technology allows us to supply four essential services for precision parts.

Custom Microlithography

Like wafer fabrication, custom microlithography involves chemical or physical etchings to create intricate patterns and designs on a surface. At Photo Solutions, we work primarily with glass and PET to create reticles, calibration standards, and targets for our clients. We can accurately image features as small as 2um on glass and 10um on PET film. 


We also provide micromachining for microfluidic devices, small hole drilling, and slots for various photonic devices, including windows and microscope slides. From customer drawings and specifications we can provide precision parts on hard-to-machine materials like glass, quartz, sapphire, and ceramics. We can accurately machine features on substrates using our vision recognition equipment, holding registration as tight as +/-5um.

Diamond Dicing

High tolerance dicing and sawing services are available for customer-provided materials like glass, quartz, and ceramics. We can obtain tolerances as tight as +/-5um while cutting slots and part outlines to imaged features on various substrates up to 180mm square. We do precision dicing of customer material up to a 7″ square.

Laser Cutting

Finally, we can use vision recognition laser equipment to micromachine high tolerance parts to imaged parts for accurate pattern-to-part outlines. Our equipment supports many materials, including PET (Mylar), Kapton, acrylic, and other plastics. We can also laminate materials with PSA and tabbed protective liners for “peel and stick” applications.

Your Custom Microlithography and Optoelectronic Parts Available In One Place

There’s no need to jump between different suppliers to get the essential components for your mission-critical designs. When you work with Photo Solutions, you’ll get a team of experienced engineers to support your needs. With clients across aerospace, medical, automation, and metrology, we’re confident we can help you achieve your project goals. 

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