If you’re in the market for custom encoder discs and scales, you know there are many considerations to weigh when choosing a supplier. Mistakes at scale are costly, so you need a company that can produce reliable products with precision and accuracy every time. But you also need to know they can turn around projects quickly without missing a step. 

With most suppliers, you have to choose between quality or speed. But when you choose Photo Solutions, you get the perfect blend of high-quality products and a quick production cycle.

Precision Engineering for Custom Encoder Discs and Scales

Precision is at the heart of our business. It’s what drives us to stay ahead of the curve with custom encoder components that outperform mass-produced encoders and scales. Using state-of-the-art technology for microlithography and micromachining, we custom-build reliable components to fit your unique product specifications. From complex absolute encoder discs to simple scales for linear encoders, we do it all.

A Business Sized for Agility and Speed

At Photo Solutions, we’re built for speed. With a small, agile team, we’re incredibly efficient. Our close-knit team has been together for years, so we know exactly how to streamline processes for efficient production. And, as custom encoder component specialists, we’ve mastered our craft, so it’s second nature. As a result, we turn around prototypes for custom projects within a few short weeks without sacrificing precision.

Trust the Experts at Photo Solutions

Since the beginning, we’ve manufactured every product with precise calculations, measurements, and attention to detail. Our commitment to our customers and unmatched experience make us the premier supplier for custom encoder discs and scales. No matter how complex your design requirements are, we’re here to make it happen. 

Learn more about our custom optoelectronic components today.