For over 30 years, our team of experts has been crafting custom encoder disc solutions for clients worldwide. Our devices have enabled our clients to create ground-breaking technology that improves robotic performance, increases the accuracy and efficiency of automated technology, and even aids in surgeries that save lives.

When it comes to mission-critical designs, there’s no room for error. That’s why our team collaborates with program leads to design and create custom solutions that meet spec requirements with quick turnaround times and superior craftsmanship. No matter how big (or small) your project might be, we’re here to help you achieve it.  


You’re Pushing the Boundaries—Our Custom Encoder Discs are Here to Help

Creating innovative products requires top-notch parts. Our custom encoder discs are designed with the latest advancements in micro-lithographic imaging, CNC diamond machining, scribing, and high-speed diamond sawing.

We’ve specialized in custom orders for years. Our capable team of experts is always looking to help solve the new and exciting challenges that come from pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your field. 

With experience helping clients in the Motion Control, Robotics, Medical, Metrological, and Aerospace Fields, we’ve worked with clients to overcome even the most extreme challenges. 


Our Expert Support Won’t Leave You Guessing 

To get the best quality products, we work directly with our clients through every step of the process; from the first CAD design to the final encoder disc. With consistent check-ins along the way, you’re never left wondering when your encoders will be finished. Or if they’ll meet your exact requirements.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers. 

“PhotoSolutions is a very responsive company. They have great attention to detail, and wonderful product consistency. Whenever we need to create a new product they are there to support us with many years of experience and expertise. They have also helped us many times with improving our current products. They are our go-to glass disc supplier!”  – Nick Peck, Engineering Team Leader, Encoder Products Company

But glass isn’t our only encoder disc option.

Our team will help you determine the best materials and encoder options so your mission-critical designs go off without a hitch.

Our materials include soda lime glass, aluminium, and mylar (PET), and we create both transmissive and reflective encoders to accommodate all possible scenarios, from extreme environmental conditions, to size limits. Plus, all our designs are RoHS and REACH compliant


Turn to Photo Solutions for Your Encoder Disc Needs

So, if you’re looking for an encoder to complete your newest design, reach out to our team of experts and get ready to push the limits of what’s possible with Photo Solutions custom encoder discs.