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Encoder discs are our specialty. We provide a variety of thin film coatings on soda lime, borosilicate, and quartz substrates, which are available in several standard thicknesses. Chrome on glass encoder discs offer the highest degree of accuracy due to the extreme flatness and precision of the etched photo pattern. The chrome pattern is available in high, medium, and low reflective surfaces along with optical densities from 2-5. Aluminum coating is also available for very high reflective applications. CAD data is created from customer specifications to generate a high resolution glass master from which parts are printed. We can usually deliver parts from customer drawings in under two weeks after data approval. Photo Solutions Inc. can help you choose the right substrates and coatings for your requirements.

Mylar discs are an excellent choice for low cost, high volume applications. Photo Solutions Inc. automated process can provide precision Mylar code discs that offer great cost savings in volume or prototype quantities. These code discs are printed on photographic Mylar film with a .18mm thick base. Vision recognition die punch equipment or laser cutting systems cut the ID/OD to within .025mm of the pattern. This allows the customer to static fit the disc to a hub and hold pattern eccentricity to under .05mm TIR. Photographic emulsion on a .007" thick base. A great low cost alternative for many applications. Learn more by checking out the link to the right to view Mylar disc specifications.

Reflective discs and scales available with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy mounting to your device. Find out more by clicking the link to the left to view reflective disc specifications.

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